Offbeat Nomads:Kargil-Leh apricot blossom tour

Kargil-Leh Apricot Blossom Camping Tour

April 21st, 2019 | Ex-Leh

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Kargil-Leh Apricot Blossom Tour is one of the offbeat tours in Ladakh where you experience the thrill of witnessing the valleys in Ladakh and Kargil region covered under pink and white blanket of Apricot flowers. Apart from this, you get the chance to meet and stay with the descendents of ancient Aryan race that settled along the banks of river Indus. One of the communities of the Aryan race that you see in Ladakh is called as Brokpa. You can more about it here!. You also get a chance to visit Kargil War memorial and pay remember and pay our respect to the war legends.

Apricot, known as chulli in Ladakhi, was introduced to the arid region of Ladakh over a century ago by Chinese traders passing through the area via the Silk Route. Now, in the 21st century, the fruit has become an integral part of Ladakh's culture, heritage and economy. The uniquely tolerant and highly stable plant of apricot has embraced the sandy soil of the cold desert and made it one of the largest producers of apricot in India.

Apricot blossom season is at its peak during spring and the entire Leh-Kargil region is covered under white delicate flowery blanket. This season can be considered similar to the Japan's famous Cherry Blossom season.

Highlights Of The Program

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Program Itinerary

Program will commence on 21st April 2019, Sunday from Leh.

*The above itinerary is subject to change without any prior notice on account of factors beyond our control (e.g bad weather, civil disturbances, change in flight or rail schedule etc).

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Price Of The Package

Rs. 28,999/-

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How To Register

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Made Amount Refundable
30 days prior to Day 1 of the tour50% of tour cost
29 to 15 days prior to Day 1 of the tour25% of the tour cost
Less than 15 days prior to Day 1 of the tourNo Refund

In case the tour gets canceled before commencement from our side due the factors not within our control, 100% refund would be issued.

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