About Us

The young and freshly crafted Offbeat Nomads started its operation with its head office in Pune, Maharashtra with the backdrop of its founders having vast trekking experience in Sahyadris and the Himalayas. The company took birth with utmost desire to provide one stop solution to all those who are in the hunt of the most offbeat traveling experiences anywhere in India whether in terms of adventurous trekking expeditions or in terms of leisure family campings. We strive to provide the most offbeat and refreshing memories of the lifetime to all our customers.

There are so many amazing things and places to explore across India, like its never-ending list of cultures, unique lifestyle, colorful traditions and the vast countryside, which you can explore during your offbeat tours. Taking lesser known paths helps you achieve all this in the most convenient and budget-friendly manner. Our packages come with transportation and accommodation facilities to ensure that you don't have to be bothered about trivialities; it allows you to concentrate all your energies on exploring the destinations you have in front of you, making the process rewarding and soothing. Also, our packages do not include any hidden charges and we maintain utmost transperancy, something which puts a smile on the face of travelers.


India is blessed with mountain ranges such as Himalayas, Purvanchal range, Vindhya range, Sahyadris, Satpura, Nilgiris and many more. Most of these destinations have different grades of treks like easy treks, moderate treks, and alpine or tough treks. We, Offbeat Nomads, help you choose the best trek based on your capability and experience so that fun and safety aspects can be addressed. A lot of planning goes into designing and executing customer requests and as such there are few chances of things going wrong at the most opportune moment which otherwise would leaves customers high and dry. Our main objective is to promote adventure tourism in the country, especially trekking tours, and in the process promote bonhomie between different cultures.

Family Camping:

We believe in inclusiveness when in comes to offbeat experiences. Hence, along with trekking and other adventurous activities, we also strive to provide similar experiences to the families or those who wish for leisure travel without any body straining activity. There are innumerable places that can be thought of when it comes to camping that includes forest reserves, lake side camping, ice skating in the north, tenting and lot more. We strongly believe in the principles of "Responsible Travelling" which makes us aware of the fact that we get all these travelling experience without disturbing any of the natural environmental factors and hence, we make sure we leave no trace of garbage at the end of our program.

Offbeat Nomads is powered by an experienced and energetic team that puts customer satisfaction before everything else and is ever willing to go the extra distance to make things easier and more exciting for you. If you are a travel junkie or for that matter a novice traveler who want to venture out on the lesser known paths, you can rely on us to help you fulfill your dreams.

Our Team

Currently, we have a small core team to ensure the best quality is delivered and provide best of the experiences to our customers.

Shirish Bhalerao

(Automobile Engineer by profession & hardcore wanderer by passion)

He also hails from Pune and a hardcore trekker and traveller. He started his first Himalayan journey in 1994 and since then it is his second home out of Pune. He started his own company under the name "Epic Adventure" in 2000 to provide best of the Himalayan experiences to the customers. With the baggage of vast experience in conducting programs in the terrains of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Garhwal, North-East, Bhutan, etc. he co-founded "Offbeat Nomads" along with Omkar Deshpande.

Currently, looks at the family camping and related operations in "Offbeat Nomads".

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